Original Manufacturers Lamp

Original Manufacturers Lamp (OEM)

The lamp supplied by the original projector manufacturer, identical to the one installed in the original projector. It gives the best performance in terms of brightness, life, etc. but tends to be the most expensive offering and often has the shortest warranty (typically 3 months).

Just Lamps (Europe)

Established in 2002, Just Lamps was the first specialist distributor of projector Lamps anywhere in the world.

The company supplies resellers like LampKing in 20 major countries across The USA, EMEA and Asia. Just Lamps reaches nearly every corner of the planet and is by far the largest projector lamp distributor in the world. Just Lamps only deal in lamps that are genuine and provide original product performance, we do not sell copy or branded alternatives that under perform and compromise your
reputation with your customer.

Just Lamps = Lampking APO
Diamond Lamps

Diamond Lamps (Genuine Original Bulb Inside)

A Diamond Lamp combines the identical bulb installed in the Original Manufacturer’s (OEM) lamp with a new cage. The exacting standards put into component selection and manufacture means a Diamond Lamp will deliver identical performance to the OEM lamp but at a noticeably lower price, All lamps have a 24 month warranty.

APO International

APO incorporates high quality Original Lamp into its cages with excellent performance.

APO International, founded in February 2004 in Taiwan, is a specialist providing projector lamps for customers from all over the world. APO possesses a state-of-the-art database containing the technical specification of over 3 thousand project lamps from various brands that are available in the market. In addition, APO is one of the few professionals who specialize in researching. APO supply quality original modules from projector manufacturers, as well as original bulb inside module with APO housing for over thousands of projectors from over 80 brands. All lamps have a 12 month warranty.

Projector Lamp APOG APO

Lampking OEM original lamps

Lampking OEM original lamps are manufactured for us with industry approved materials and – consequently guarantee the highest quality and safety.We have hands-on quality control and can produce a lamp according to your needs and budget. We also offer a competitive range of GENUINE ORIGINAL LAMPS with housing from a North American manufacturer who is a verified and trusted supplier of Philips, Osram, Ushio and Phoenix bulbs.

With our experienced manufacturers, in-house engineers and technicians, Who can injection mold all plastic components, design tools, create product prototypes, metal stamp specialty parts and assemble end products. Our state-of-the art clean room follows current ISO-9000 standards. All lamps have a 6 month warranty.

Lampking, APO projector Lamps


At Lamp King We source our projector lamps directly from the original manufacturers who supply the leading projector brands, so our lamps provide the same performance in terms of colour, lifetime and brightness.

With fewer steps to market,Lamps from Lampking can be priced up to 50% lower than lamps bought as replacements under projector brands.


Some companies in SE Asia have created copies of many original lamps and sell them into the replacement market. Often referred to as “compatible” these copy lamps generally offer lower performance, poor reliability, can be unsafe to use and offers reduced lifetimes. Whats more, in many cases they are breaking patent laws. Read more.

Please visit Genuine Lamps Alliance website for more information


ORIGINAL Inside Lamps – referred to as original lamp in generic or neutral or compatible housing on other lamp suppliers quotes. These are manufactured by smaller factories in the Far East to far lower standards and often contain inferior components so they may not perform as well or last as long as an OEM or Diamond Lamp or APOG. Be aware that most lamp suppliers in South Africa and on the internet are selling these inferior quality lamps.

There are lots of different compatible lamps on the internet and many are described as “Original-Inside” but few are what they claim to be. Beware of fakes, copies and counterfeit lamps!!!

So called ORIGINAL Bare Lamp (Bulb) Only from Far East. You get only the lamp, not the housing or connectors. It’s up to you to get this new lamp into the old housing. If the housing or bulb breaks during this process you will need to order a complete lamp module. Beware of fakes, copies and counterfeits!!!

Please visit www.counterfeitlamps.com for more information